The Steering Group for the Project has been set up to ensure 'good governance' and oversee the project to ensure that it is on schedule and delivering the aims of the Water Level Management Plan for the site.

The Terms of Reference of the Steering Group can be found here.

The members of the Steering Group represent the following:

  1. Doncaster East Internal Drainage Board
  2. Natural England
  3. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
  4. Environment Agency
  5. Collective Representative of local IDBs
  6. Other stakeholder to be agreed by the above

The Steering Group typically meets twice yearly but may also have field days and additional meetings as circumstances dictate.

All Steering Group Minutes can be found here. Register of steering group members interests can be found here.


An open landscape in the truest sense



    Minutes 02 May 2017
    02 May 2017

    Agenda 02 May 2017
    13 April 2017


    BES Sphagnum Workshop
    20 October 2014

    Humberhead Peatlands LIFE+ Bid
    17 October 2014
    All photographs © Kieran Sheehan